October 21, 2020


News from the European Union

10000 reports of domestic violence in 2020 Estonian police received by Estonia Police

In Estonia, in the year 2020 this far, police have received reports of close to 10 000 cases of domestic violence with more men among people killed in such circumstances.

Kati Arumäe, a leading official of intimate partner violence at the Police and Border Guard Board (PPA), stated to ERR this week that the number of violent attacks resulting in serious injuries and deaths has grown. She pointed out that in the first half of 2020, of the six cases resulting in death, five were male victims. In the victim support department of the PPA, its head JakkoSalla stated that the number of people authorities has increased after the coronavirus crisis. He evaluated that more people could be helped if they turned to the service.

Pic Credit: https://www.needpix.com/photo/914548/illustration-stalking-violence-captivity-abuse-fist-woman-women-girl

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