October 19, 2020


News from the European Union

Emergency benefits by LAD for dairy farmers and livestock farmers

Rural Support Service (LAD) will pay emergency benefits for dairy farmers and livestock farmers. This is a single-time state support for income stabilization in these sectors. Farmers will receive EUR 86 per dairy cow if they had at least three dairy cows between 1 April and 30 June and milk was sold to milk processing companies. Farmers will be paid EUR 137 for every beef breed of cow and EUR 96 for every dairy or dairy meat bull if they were sold between April and June 2020.

Benefits are paid if income reduction was observed in certain livestock sectors. Reduction volumes were published by the Agriculture Ministry in July, as noted by LAD.Between April and June 2020 revenue of the dairy industry had declined 9.1% when compared to the revenue in the same period of the past three years.

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