3.5 million euros to be reimbursed to authors of artistic works ordered by Estonia

3.5 million euros to be reimbursed to authors of artistic works ordered by Estonia

A court in Estonia has ruled in a row between nine creative industry organisations and the state that organisations have to receive compensation in the amount of 3.5 million euros for years of unprotected private reproduction of artistic works.

In 2018, nine Estonian representative organizations for authors of creative works filed a complaint against the government regarding the loss of fair compensation for the reproduction of the work for personal use in the period of 2014-2018.

This week a second-level court annulled the previous decision of the administrative court and ordered the private reproduction compensation to be covered to nine representative organizations of creative people for a period of five years, together with default interest, worth around EUR 3.5 million.

Priit Lätt, a senior lawyer of PwC Legal Estonia, which represented the interests of the organizations, commented that the current lack of regulation in the area in Estonia was in conflict with the European Union and does not account for the internet age, which has led creative people to seek for compensation through court.

“Authors, performers and phonogram producers must also have the right to demand the protection of a work and a fair remuneration for the use of that work in the digital age,”

Pic Credit: https://www.just.ee/en/news/judicial-proceedings-estonia-are-still-most-efficient-and-quickest-europe

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