A criminal process was later filed against Jurašs

A criminal process was later filed against Jurašs

On 8 June a statement was posted on social media. In it, he wrote he decided to enter politics to raise the bar of fairness and rule of law. The politician is confident the criminal case against him was initiated because he refused the one million euros bribe and reported to the media that the situation is not under investigation. Jurašs believes there are no legal or ethical reasons to prevent him from taking part in the prosecutor general selection process. The politician also believes there are multiple persons in the Justice Council that are in a direct conflict of interests and should not participate in the process.

“However, to present any political speculations about vote results, I have decided to abstain from the prosecutor general’s selection process, so I have decided to delegate my colleague from Saeima’s Legal Affairs Committee JānisButāns instead. I hope my decision will motivate other Justice Council members to assess their part in the selection process more critically,” he said.

Among the candidates for the position of prosecutor general are Riga court district office of the prosecutor senior prosecutor ArmīnsMeisters, Office of the Prosecutor General Critical Affairs Investigation Division prosecutor Juris Juriss, Office of the Prosecutor General Personnel and Professional Growth Department prosecutor JānisIlsteris, Office of the Prosecutor General Department of Cases on Trial senior prosecutor AlēnsMickevičs, Office of the Prosecutor Public and State Rights Protection Department prosecutor UvisKozlovskis, Riga Regional Court Criminal Affairs judicial panel’s chairman Juris Stukāns, ex-judge of the Constitutional Court and 12th Saeima deputy GunārsKūtris, as well as once a prosecutor and currently attorney AldisPundurs.

The Justice Council will interview all candidates. The one who receives the majority of votes will be proposed to the Saeima for approval.

The term of Latvian Prosecutor General ĒriksKalnmeiers ends 11 July 2020.

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