EU Chronicle is a collaboration of Freelance Journalists based mainly in Europe.
The purpose is to provide informing, ethical, stimulating and quality news to the reader.
As with all media we have our regular contributors but we are happy to accept thought provoking and topical content, Op’Eds, columnists or regular submissions, from others, especially those in the decision making processes of Europe.

EU Chronicle is a unique platform to showcase the unfiltered and unadulterated news across Europe and beyond. As an independent media project, our primary focus is to provide our readers with insight and inside stories of news making the rounds in the world and especially within European Institutions.

Our aim is to bring forth the truth and the first hand version of any story, as well as to provide a platform for information which is often suppressed. Hence, we especially welcome articles from NGOs and those seeking to raise their voice to policy makers.
EU Chronicle does not and will not publish, nor disseminate false, nor fake, information.
We promise our readers that standards of ethical journalism are always maintained.

EU Chronicle is a totally independent, apolitical and non-aligned media organisation.
Subscriptions and advertisements are welcomed to support our growth.

We thank all our contributors and our readers for their loyalty and commitment to free speech and free press in Europe.

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