Cooperation with India to combat terrorism

Cooperation with India to combat terrorism

On 13 November French Member of the European Parliament France Jamet (ID) raised a written question to the European Commission on “cooperation with India to combat terrorism”.

France, home of the Enlightenment and freedom, now finds itself one of the main targets of Islamist obscurantism. When it is not the target of regular and increasingly frequent deadly terrorist attacks, its support for freedom of expression is prompting diplomatic attacks and calls for economic boycotts by many Muslim countries.

MEP Jamet highlighted that “One non-European country stands out for its unreserved support for Face in the face of hostility from the Muslim world, one with which, incidentally, its ‘natural’ European allies have been strangely amateurish: India. In particular, the French have been very touched by the spontaneous public support shown by the Indian people on social media in response to hateful reactions from not only Pakistan and Turkey, but also Bangladesh, Qatar, Kuwait and Morocco.”

Finally, MEP Jamet asked the Commission “Given India’s goodwill on this issue, how does the EU intend to involve it more closely in its programmes designed to combat Islamist terrorism?”

The European Commission is expected to respond to MEP Jamet in the coming weeks.

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