Daugavpils mayor’s seat shaken – AndrejsElksniņš overthrown

Daugavpils mayor’s seat shaken – AndrejsElksniņš overthrown

on Thursday, 11 June,a request from deputies of political party Mūsupartija and with majority of votes, Daugavpils City Council chairman AndrejsElksniņš was removed from this post.

The issue regarding Elksniņš’s fitness for his post was the first on the list of topics reviewed by the city council. Although the request for his dismissal was submitted by eight deputies, nine deputies voted in favour of his dismissal. Four deputies were against and two abstained.

Elksniņš called deputies’ request for his dismissal a compliment and thanked them for their work in the municipality.

As previously reported, members of Latgale party’s faction in Daugavpils City Council, which were previously part of the coalition with Elksniņš’s Harmony party, and two deputies from Mūsupartija political party had signed an invitation to hold a meeting to decide on the mayor’s dismissal from his post.

According to city council deputy HelēnaSoldatjonoka (Latgale party), her party has many experienced people who have worked in state and municipal administration and are used to working in a team, butElksniņš makes decisions alone.

“We know what good management principles are, but we’ve had no success forming cooperation with Harmony from the start. Elksniņš makes decisions alone and generates PR of many issues,” claims Soldatjonoka, who is in charge of the city council’s Social Affairs Committee. She was criticized by Elksniņš, dismissed from her post but later re-elected again as the head of the committee.

The invitation for an extraordinary city council meeting was signed by eight of fifteen deputies. These are six deputies of Latgale party and two representatives of Mūsupartija – AivarsZdanovskis and LīvijaJankovska. Soldatjonoka admits Latgale party does not see the city’s ex-mayor RihardsEigims as part of her party’s team. This is because he is accused of committing crimes, and the trial is not over.

Latgale party’s goal is making sure the future of Daugavpils is not tied to Harmony.

Although no agreement about the next possible mayor has been reached as of yet, the deputy believes JānisLāčplēsis is the most appropriate candidate. He is clever and intelligent, and “there aren’t many such people”.

During the last press-conference of the city council, Elksniņš’s and Lāčplēsis did not agree on multiple of the city’s projects. Additionally, the two exchanged mutual accusations and criticisms.

Elksniņš became Daugavpils mayor again in January 2019. He became head of the city council immediately after municipal elections but was overthrown not long after.

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