Edmunds Valantis as Latvian Economy Ministry’s state secretary

Edmunds Valantis as Latvian Economy Ministry’s state secretary

On Tuesday, 2 June, Latvia’s Cabinet of Ministers decided to approve Edmunds Valantis as Economy Ministry’s state secretary. Until now he was the ministry’s vice state secretary.

Economy Ministry explained that the decision regarding Valantis approval was made based on his experience working in state administration, his knowledge and professional accomplishments in all of the ministry’s areas – use of European Union funds, development of financial instruments, attraction of investments, as well as construction and housing industry, in which, as stressed by Economy Ministry, lately there have been positive changes. The ministry reports adoption of an electronic work hour accounting system, digitization of construction processes, and signing of a general agreement on wages in the industry.

Economy Ministry also outlines Valantis’ experience in leading a large team, his leadership skills, as well as motivational skills.

The Cabinet of Ministers also decided to permit Valantis to combine posts as state secretary and Baldone County Council deputy.

Valantis represents the National Alliance ‘All for Latvia – For Fatherland and Freedom/LNNK’ and combined list with Unity in Baldone.

The Former  Economy Minister RalfsNemiro had dismissed ĒriksEglītis over possible violations in monitoring of the mandatory procurement component system. Eglītis, on the other hand, explained this decision with his unwillingness to appoint PāveluRebenoku, then the advisor to Nemiro, to the council of Latvenergo because of his involvement in so-called Olainfarm inheritors’ wars.

At the same time, Eglītis submitted his resignation to the minister, planning to terminate relations with the ministry on 15 May. He also sent a letter to KPV LV Ethics Committee and Saeima Mandate, Ethics and Applications Committee with a request to evaluate Nemiro’s decisions in putting people close to him in important posts.

On 11 February Latvian Cabinet of Ministers had planned to decide on Economy Ministry’s projects, in accordance with which Valantis would be appointed as the ministry’s state secretary and Eglītis – as the head of the Central Statistical Bureau, to which Eglītis objected. But the government did not review any of these decisions.

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