Estonia allows care homes to decide on visitors from June

Estonia allows care homes to decide on visitors from June

In Estonia, which has experienced COVID-19 outbreaks in care homes, it will be allowed for relatives to pay visits after months of forced distancing. Heads of the institutions, however, will be responsible for allowing people in or not, ERR reports.

This spring, Estonian care homes had been closed to visitors throughout much of the pandemic, and residents have been forbidden from leaving the premises since April 4.

TriinRaag, head of the Estonian Social Affairs Ministry’s welfare department suggested on ETV on Thursday, May 21, one option is to disperse visitors either by time or by separating them into different rooms or partitions.

The senior official said that at the dawn of the pandemic in Estonia in March, the worst was feared for care homes,due to the advanced age of most residents and the incidence of chronic illnesses among the demographic, ERR reports.

However, only around a tenth of care homes experienced any cases of COVID-19 to date, which is more than in care homes in neighbouring Latvia.

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