Estonian police investigates tragic shooting attack near Lihula

Estonian police investigates tragic shooting attack near Lihula

In Estonia, a shocking shooting attack has taken place, where two people have been killed and three others, including children have been injured. The police is yet to determine the motive behind the weekend attack, Estonian public broadcaster ERR reports.

On Saturday, June 6, near the town of Lihula in the west of the Estonian mainland, a suspected 32-year-old man shot two people dead and injured three others, including two children. The suspect has been detained and questioned.

“We hope that the motive becomes clear soon, but right now it is still incomprehensible and unclear”

The Estonian Police and Border Guard Board West Prefecture Prefect KaidoKõplas noted on Monday, June 6, in an interview said, “He has not yet made a statement regarding why exactly he did this.”

This is a rare case in Estonia, but the firearms he used at the scene and one found later had all been legally registered, ERR reports.

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