Estonian universities receives high number of applications

Estonian universities receives high number of applications

Europe’s fluctuating epidemiological situation affects the choice of Baltic students. Estonian higher education institutions have received in the summer of 2020 a higher number of study applications than in the previous years.

In the multi-discipline, Tallinn University received about 7,900 applications which is about 1,000 more than in the last few years. As to the most popular programmes, the largest increase was in psychology in the first stage of higher education – with 15 students competing for one place.

In the Estonian Academy of Arts, or Eesti kunstiakadeemia, a total of 1,185 applications were submitted to in 2020, which is also a record number compared to recent years.

Estonia’s top university as far as international ratings go, is the University of Taru. Here, 400 more applications were submitted than last year at the University of Tartu. Over the past years, applicants are interested the most in studying medicine, computer science, law, and economics.

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