Foreign Minister Schallenberg: “75 years after it was founded, we need the UN more than ever.”

At today’s – partly virtual – celebrations of the anniversary of the UN founding document, the Charter of the United Nations, Foreign Minister Alexander Schallenberg, representatives of the Member States and representatives of the UN and civil society reflected on the successes and challenges of the last decades since the signing of the Charter of the United Nations. The focus was on the question of what lessons can be learned from previous experiences in the UN context and how current and future challenges can be overcome together.

At the celebrations Foreign Minister Schallenberg emphasised:

For Austria, multilateralism, with a strong UN at its core, is the best response to global challenges. After 75 years, we need the UN more than ever.

In addition to the online ceremony initiated by the United Nations in New York, a charter commemoration was held in Vienna, one of the four UN headquarters, as part of the presentation of the 2020 UNODC World Drug Report. The event at the Vienna International Centre was attended by Foreign Minister Alexander Schallenberg and Secretary General Peter Launsky-Tieffenthal. 

We, the ‘peoples of the United Nations’, need each other – and we need a functioning UN because this organisation works tirelessly every day to make our planet a better place.

said Schallenberg.

The Charter, the founding document of the United Nations, was signed in San Francisco on 26 June 1945 and entered into force four months later, on 24 October 1945. Since then, the international community of states has been called upon to uphold the values and objectives enshrined in the Charter, thereby maintaining international peace and security.

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