Former top Republican General Powell endorses Biden for president

Former top Republican General Powell endorses Biden for president

Former Secretary of State and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Colin Powell on Sunday endorsed Trump’s Democratic rival and former US Vice President Joe Biden.

With his endorsement of Biden, Powel became the first major Republican to publicly back Biden ahead of November’s election.

Powell, who led the US military during the 1991 Gulf War in Iraq under Republican former President George HW Bush and later led the Department of State under President George W. Bush, said Trump has “drifted away” from the U.S. Constitution and posed a danger the country and its democracy.

Powell, who did not vote for the Republican president in 2016 told CNN in an interview “I cannot in any way support President Trump this year,”.  Powell added: “I will be voting for him” when asked if he would vote for Biden.

Powell became the latest former top military officer to criticise Trump in the wake of sweeping mass protests aimed at fighting racial injustice spurred by the May 25 death of an unarmed black man in Minnesota.

According to the Democratic Party of Guam, Biden, the former vice president, received 270 votes, or 70 percent, beating Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, who received 118 votes, or 30 percent.

That outcome gave Biden five of Guam’s seven delegates to the Democratic national convention and — more importantly — pushed him across the numerical threshold of 1,991 delegates needed to formally secure the nomination to challenge President Donald Trump.

Biden, branded “Sleepy Joe” by the incumbent occupant of the White House, was apparently still awake when the results came in from Guam, shortly before midnight Eastern Daylight Time on Friday and promptly declared victory on Twitter.

Sanders suspended his campaign in April, leaving Biden as the presumptive Democratic nominee. The party convention is scheduled to be held in Milwaukee in August.

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