Intense heat waves remains at week’s end in Latvia

Intense heat waves remains at week’s end in Latvia

Heat will remain in Latvia for the rest of the week. Weather will be hot and cloudy for the most part. Next week, however, as atmospheric pressure decreases, the heat will back away. Instead there will be rain and strong wind at times, according to the forecast from Latvian Environment, Geology and Meteorology Centre.

High atmospheric pressure will remain in the coming days – weather in Latvia will be dry and partially cloudy with slow wind. Atmospheric pressure will reduce on Sunday and there will be some rainfall, perhaps even a thunderstorm. Intense heat will remain in many parts of Latvia until the end of the week – air temperature will increase to +27° C… +31° C, but it is possible that it will be cooler along the coast. Night-time air temperature will not drop below +16° C… +21° C.

At the beginning of next week a cold atmospheric front will pass through Latvia’s territory, which will bring precipitation. On Monday, 29 June, it will rain in many parts of Latvia during the day and at night. Rainfall may be intense at times. On Tuesday, as the precipitation zone backs away, rain will continue to fall, but anticyclone activity will increase again in the middle of the week. This means no major precipitation is expected.

On Monday air temperature in central and eastern areas will remain at +23° C… +28° C. Colder masses of air will flow to Latvia following the atmospheric front. On Tuesday and Wednesday air temperature will drop to +17° C… +22° C. Wind will draw in from the south and south-west, reaching a speed of 15-17 m/sec.

Current forecasts suggest weather in the second half of the week will be dictated by a cyclone above northern parts of Scandinavia. A precipitation zone will pass through Latvia, bringing rain, thunderstorms and strong wind. Southern winds will carry warmer masses of air to the country.

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