Islamic persecution worldwide

Islamic persecution worldwide

On 10th November 2020 Greek Member of the European Parliament, Emmanouil Fragkos (ECR) raised a written question to the European Commission on Islamic persecution worldwide.

According to the Pew Research Centre, severe restrictions are being imposed on religious freedoms in 83 countries, resulting in massive population displacements.

The measures taken by President Macron to support the non-negotiable value of freedom of expression have prompted unacceptable rhetoric from Erdogan and attacks by many Muslim leaders such as the President of Pakistan. It should be noted that, over the last 33 years, Pakistan has convicted 1 472 people, including numerous Christians, under a ‘blasphemy against Islam’ law, putting many of them to death.

In Bangladesh, two people accused of ‘insulting Islam’ have been condemned to death by popular justice and one of them has been brutally lynched.

The Malaysian former Prime Minister has spoken of the right to kill the French President, while, two years ago the Indonesian authorities (Aceh) announced that the reintroduction of beheading was to be officially considered. The genocide of Christians in Nigeria has gone unnoticed internationally.

It is therefore the duty of the EU to monitor the situation and intervene at international level to prevent religious persecution.

MEP Fragkos specifically asked the European Commission :

1. For what period, is the EU Special Envoy for the promotion of freedom of religion or belief to be appointed and with what budget?

2. Given that it has the option of bringing international trade pressure to bear as a means of easing the persecution of Christians in Muslim countries, what action will it take against the states concerned?

3. Is action being taken to maximise the impact of European action in cooperation with other international players, with countries such as the US and with religious leaders?

The Commission is expected to reply to MEP Fragkos in the coming weeks.

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