JKP chooses Linda Ozola as leading candidate for Riga City Council elections

JKP chooses Linda Ozola as leading candidate for Riga City Council elections

The New Conservative Party (JKP) has picked Saeima deputy Linda Ozola as its leading candidate for snap elections in Riga City Council.

Describing Ozola, the party’s leader Jānis Bordāns said she is a person who, like JKP, will secure stable changes. «This person brings conservative values related to family values, implementing them through JKP prgramme focused on people and families in Riga,» said Bordāns.

JKP Saeima faction leader Juris Jurašs said another start was given for JKP’s pre-election campaign today.

“We have to conclude that a considerable amount of time has passed since the first application. The pandemic has forced certain changes. Unfortunately, during the crisis JKP and myself were impacted by a tragedy – the untimely passing of Juta Strīķe. This left a major impression on our organization and ability to achieve goals. Juta would have wanted JKP to continue enhancing rule of law in Latvia,” said Jurašs

Jurašs stresses that his colleagues have entrusted him to lead Saeima’s Legal Affairs Committee and JKP parliamentary faction. This is why he is unable to run in Riga City Council elections as a candidate.

“We hope very much our new candidate, who is honest, clever and brave, will help us realize Riga residents’ hopes and dreams to change Riga and make it more resident-friendly,” said the politician.

At the press-conference, Ozola said she is from Riga. She joined JKP because she saw the injustice that was taking place in decision-making in Riga.

“The city council’s last administration will be remembered with enormous corruption scandals, hundreds of advisors, roads falling apart and reducing population in Riga, because residents are fleeing the city. It was clear to everyone – this cannot continue,” said Ozola, stressing she had voted in the Saeima to have the previous Riga City Council administration dismissed.

She said this time elections are not for programmes and rules. “This time the snap elections are for trust – for the ones who manage to work honestly without sponsors and make decisions that benefit Riga and all of its residents. I believe our team can be trusted,” said Ozola, stressing that no one dictates to her or anyone else her team what to do.

Her programme will be based on rule of law and management of finances.

Pic Credit: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:13.Saeimas_deput%C4%81tu_svin%C4%ABgais_sol%C4%ABjums_(45056801024).jpg

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