Juris Jurašs delegates party member for prosecutor general selection process in Latvia

Juris Jurašs delegates party member for prosecutor general selection process in Latvia

On Monday, 8 June, Saeima’s Legal Affairs Committee chairman Juris Jurašs decided to delegate committee member and his party colleague JānisButāns as a candidate for approval for the prosecutor general to the Justice Council.

Justice Council member and judge of Riga Regional Court Juris Stukāns, who at the same time is also one of the prime candidates for the aforementioned post, has announced he will not be taking part in the vote and interviewing of candidates. “I will observe this situation from the side” said Stukāns.

Considering this, 14 council members will be taking part in candidate interviews.

Corruption Prevention and Combating Bureau (KNAB) had previously reported that Jurašs should not participate in the prosecutor general selection because of ethical concerns. Jurašs is currently an accused in the case for disclosure of official secrets. In 2016 Jurašs publicly announced having been offered a bribe to change the charges in the bribery case involving ex-chief of Latvian Railway UģisMagonis and businessman Oleg Ossinovski from bribery to trade of influence, which provides for a milder penalty. Jurašs claimed that prior to his public statement he had informed KNAB, which was then managed by JaroslavsStreļčenoks, and the Office of the Prosecutor General ĒriksKalnmeiers had been informed the then bribe attempt. Jurašs claimed that with no reaction from higher-ups he decided to inform society of what happened.

Pic Credit: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:13.Saeimas_deput%C4%81tu_svin%C4%ABgais_sol%C4%ABjums_(45056674874).jpg

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