Kosovo’s cooperation and pre-accession aid

Kosovo’s cooperation and pre-accession aid

On 24 September 2020 French Member of the European Parliament Jordan Bardella (ID) raised a written question to the European Commission on Kosovo’s cooperation and pre-accession aid

On 31 August, a 20 year-old student was raped at her home in Angers. A man was arrested. He has a history of criminal offences and has already been sentenced six times for burglary, insulting behaviour and sexual assault, including an attack on a disabled woman. Two orders have been issued expelling him from France but they were never enforced.

The man claims to have Kosovan nationality, but Kosovo refuses to recognise him as a Kosovan national as he was born in 1987 in Yugoslavia. MEP Bardella asked the EU Commission:

  1. How much direct and indirect financial aid has been granted in total by the European Union to Kosovo since 2008, in particular under the Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance (IPA)?

2.  Could the EU not make this assistance conditional upon the active cooperation of the Kosovan authorities in expelling from the EU their illegal or criminal nationals?

Commissioner Várhelyi replied on behalf of the European Commission

on 26 November stating that: A total of EUR 1.21 billion in EU assistance funds have been committed to Kosovo in the period 2007-2020. The assistance is implemented to, inter alia, grow the economy, develop the rule of law, build capacity of the institutions, and help reaching objectives regarding issues such as energy supply, transport, the environment and climate change. The Commission uses a mix of political and financial tools to incentivise beneficiaries of the EU’s Instrument for Pre-accession Assistance to deliver on key reforms, in the context of the EU-Kosovo Stabilisation and Association Agreement, which entered into force in 2016.

The Commission’s Kosovo 2020 report contains an overview of Kosovo’s progress, including in the areas of justice, freedom and security. This includes providing an overview of Kosovo’s progress on judicial cooperation in civil and criminal matters and on legal and irregular migration.

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