Latvia State-funded COVID-19 test remains available to the residents

Latvia State-funded COVID-19 test remains available to the residents

In order to maintain wide options to uncover potential COVID-19 outbreaks, residents in Latvia will still have access to state-funded COVID-19 tests, as confirmed by Healthcare Ministry.

Originally this option was supposed to remain until the end of June. However, the decision has been made to maintain state-funding COVID-19 test available to anyone who feels the need. This decision was made because more people start attending public events and travel outside of Latvia now that certain restrictions have been lifted, the ministry notes.

The ministry explains that at the same time infection rates are high in other countries. On top of that, the virus has made resurgence in some countries. This means it is very important to uncover new infection cases as early as possible to prevent massive outbreaks.

This option will remain in Latvia until the end of summer.

After summer the government will review the option again to decide what should be done.

COVID-19 tests are available to residents even if they show no symptoms. At the same time, residents are urged to undergo tests if they spot symptoms, if they have been outside of Latvia, or if they have been to different public events with many people participating and they have not had the option to maintain certain preventive measures.

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