Limited Social visits are allowed by Belgian government

Limited Social visits are allowed by Belgian government

Prime Minister Sophie Wilmès said at a press conference on Wednesday that visits to the homes of family and close friends will be allowed in Belgium from Sunday.

She further said such visits must be limited to four people and social distancing is must require. To make tracking and tracing possible in the case of infection, subsequent visits should be limited to the same four people. In Belgium, Sunday is Mother’s Day.

Wilmès said,”Given that these visits will happen in our homes, it is very difficult to enforce them but respecting these rules is important. We count on your sense of responsibility and your common sense.”

On Monday, Belgium began to slowly relax its containment measures but visits to people’s homes will not be allowed.

The National Security Council, which includes Belgian politicians and experts, also confirmed that all shops can reopen on May 11, although they gave extra guidance on hygiene rules to minimize the risk of infection. Going to shops should be done alone and wearing a face mask is encouraged. “It’s essential that the reopening does not create a mass effect,” Wilmes said.

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