More girls in Estonian military conscription in 2020

More girls in Estonian military conscription in 2020

In the Estonian compulsory military service, more girls have joined this year to learn military skills among 2 000 young conscripts.

According to the Estonian Defence Forces, the Constitution of the Republic of Estonia foresees compulsory military service in the Defence Forces of all physically and mentally healthy male citizens. The service is eight to eleven months-long and women have been serving in the military since its start.

In 2019, 38 girls started their military service over the year. In 2020, 40 have joined in the summer following six in January as conscripts can join the Defence Forces in January, July and October.

In Estonia young men are also urged to join the compulsory military service in groups of classmates. In 2020, year 16 men from Tabasalu Joint High School in northern Estonia will join the service. Risto, one of the new recruits from Tabasalu said, “I think we all know it is our constitutional obligation to do military service and it is always better to take your friends with you. Our duty is to protect our country.”

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