More than thousands came for Anti-Lukashenko protest  in Minsk

More than thousands came for Anti-Lukashenko protest in Minsk

Hundreds of thousands of opposition supporters gathered in Minsk on Sunday, 16 Sunday, protesting against Aleksandr Lukashenko. At the beginning, tens of thousands of protesters proceeded in a procession towards the Independence Prospect.

Protesters used victory gestures and held flowers and balloons in their hands. Many were dressed in white, which has become a symbol of the opposition movement.

Protesters also carried a 100 m long white-red-white flag. Protesters later gathered at Victory Prospect. According to estimates from local media, the number of protesters ranged between 200000 to half a million.

At the evening some of the protesters went towards the Independence Square near the government building, where a gathering was held in support of Aleksandr Lukashenko during the day. He also presented a speech during this gathering.

According to portal, a large number of people gathered at the square. Several thousand people were seen walking towards the government building. Similar protests were held in other cities of Belarus.

Lukashenko read a speech during his support public gathering. During his speech, Lukashenko mentioned the possibility of leaving the post and organizing new elections. Several thousand people had participated in the event. According to official results, Aleksandr Lukashenko received 80.1% of votes, whereas opposition candidate Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya received 10.1% of votes. However, the opposition believes election results were falsified, claiming Tsikhanouskaya won in presidential election.

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