New Managing Director of Österreich Institut GmbH

The Federal Ministry for European and International Affairs is pleased to announce that Ms. Hatice Gruber-Tschida has taken over the management of Österreich Institut GmbH (ÖI GmbH). Ms. Hatice Gruber-Tschida has impressive professional experience. The mother of three children was recently head of the integration centres division of the Austrian Integration Fund (ÖIF) with over 100 employees. Before that, she held various positions in the private sector.

Language teaching is of key importance in the field of international culture. Österreich Institut GmbH now performs this task at 10 locations in cooperation with the respective Austrian Cultural Forums and Austrian Libraries.

Ms. Gruber-Tschida: “Language teaching is a key component of international culture and therefore strengthens the soft power area for achieving foreign policy objectives. Due to Covid-19, Österreich Institut GmbH also faces special challenges. I look forward to tackling them together with my team.

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