Pharmacies allowedfor home deliveries of medicines in Latvia

Pharmacies allowedfor home deliveries of medicines in Latvia

General type pharmacies in Latvia will be allowed to perform home deliveries of medicines until the end of the year. This includes enlisting the help of volunteers, as reported by Healthcare Ministry.

On Tuesday, 9 June, the government approved the regulations of the Cabinet of Ministers on home deliveries of medicines. Until now, this option was in force with Healthcare Minister IlzeViņķele’s order. This means pharmacies are allowed to pick this service if they have the resources to afford it. The goal is assisting people to receive their medicine, including prescribed medicines and state-compensated medicines, if a person is unable to leave their home or they have no one to assist them, according to Healthcare Ministry.

The ministry adds that pharmacies are not obligated to do this. It is an option to assist residents who are unable to go to the pharmacy on their own or if they are isolated at home because of COVID-19.

To find out if a pharmacy provides home delivery of medicines, residents have to contact the specific pharmacy. Information on this service is also available on the portal of the State Agency of Medicines. Residents have to keep in mind that delivery costs are set individually by pharmacies.

Healthcare Ministry invites pharmacies to not adopt a practice wherein customers are urged to buy more to make delivery free of charge.

At the same time, when performing home deliveries of medicines, it is highly important to keep in mind the importance of pharmaceutical consultations. Pharmacies have to be able to provide remote consultation on use of medicines. It will be allowed to deliver medicines by not only pharmacists or assistant pharmacists, but also hired couriers or social care workers. Medicines containing narcotic or psychotropic substances will be allowed to be delivered only by pharmacists, assistant pharmacists or doctors. This service will remain in force until the end of the year. Healthcare Ministry will later analyse results to assess the need for such a service in the future.

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