Ramaphosa faces backlash for allowing religious gatherings

Ramaphosa faces backlash for allowing religious gatherings

President Cyril Ramaphosa announced on Tuesday allowed religious gatherings under Level 3 lockdown, but churches and other places of worship will face strict social-distancing regulations. However, the reaction towards the decision has been fierce, and the president has had to withstand a barrage of insults overnight.

This is after the National Coronavirus Command Council (NCCC) consulted with religious leaders, and took into consideration several recommendations made in the meeting. Initially due to address the nation on Wednesday, the lockdown briefing was postponed for the second time in two days.

In his address on Tuesday, the president touched on what has been a contentious issue, the prohibition of large gatherings under hard lockdown, which affected religious congregations. Ramaphosa announced that religious gatherings will be allowed to resume, but only if they are Limited to under 50 People.

MbuyiseniNdlozi Slams ‘Spineless, Directionless’ Leadership

“Now, what about all those with COVID-19 who will be flocking to the church to ask for healing. Beyond Holy water & anointing oil, is the laying of hands… by faith. They have surrendered the country to COVID-19! Bloody spineless, old, outdated, tired, and directionless bunch of ANC so-called leaders!”

He further added,” “How will a church determine which 50 people must come to church? And when the Holy Spirit enters a person, or makes a person fall, how will they ensure social distancing? It has collapsed! He does not care anymore!! There is no leadership in this county. We truly are on our own!”

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