Registered unemployment level increases in Riga and Pieriga due to COVID-19

Registered unemployment level increases in Riga and Pieriga due to COVID-19

The registered level of unemployment caused by COVID-19 pandemic has increased the most rapidly in Riga and Pieriga, said State Employment Agency (NVA) director Evita Simsone in an interview to Latvijas Radio.

“This crisis has outlined a specific peculiarity that has affected Latvia’s capital city and its surrounding territory the most,” said Simsone, adding that the unemployment level in Riga and Pieriga has increased the most rapidly among Latvia’s regions – from 4% to more than 6%.

At the same time, she notes the highest unemployment level is still observed in Latgale – approximately 15%.

Simsone reminded in the interview that the general registered unemployment level in Latvia in May has exceeded 8.2% of the economically active population. There are more than 75 000 jobless residents in Latvia. Since the beginning of the state of emergency NVA has registered 17 000 new clients. At the same time, nearly 10 000 vacant jobs have been withdrawn.

At the same time, the head of NVA said the number of registered unemployed persons has reduced significantly over the past several weeks. «While at the peak more than 1 000 new clients came one day, yesterday [21 May] there were fewer than 100 new clients. Thereby the increase rate has declined, and it has declined considerably,» said Simsone.

She also said the number of registered vacant jobs started increasing again in May: more than 4 000 new vacant jobs were registered this month and currently NVA has more than 17 000 registered vacant jobs on offer.

The largest number of vacant jobs comes from agriculture, construction and industrial sectors, as well as retail and wholesale trade sectors.

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