Riga’s ex-mayor receives post in Riga Bus Terminal without delegation from municipality

Riga’s ex-mayor receives post in Riga Bus Terminal without delegation from municipality

Riga mayoral candidate OļegsBurovs from Honour to Serve Riga (GKR) has returned to the council of AS Riga International Bus Terminal.

The terminal’s representative MāraEglīte reports that during the 4 June meeting OļegsBurovs, Marina Vorobjova-Vaišļa, IlzePurmale, SergejsSerdjukovs and AndrejsVisockis were elected to the council. Burovs was elected as council chairman and Vorobjova-Vaišļa was elected vice-chairperson.

According to information from Firmas.lv, until now the company’s council included three former members of Riga City Council – Vita Jermoloviča, IvansIvanovs and IgorsKuzmuks. Serdjukovs and Visockis have kept their posts.

Another mayoral candidate – VilnisĶirsis – took to social media to condemn LLC Rīgassatiksme shareholder Iveta Zalpētere, asking her if this decision «helps maintain OECD good management guidelines or this step helps compose a new post-election coalition». He mentioned Zalpētere’s ties to Attīstībai/Par, because in the past municipal elections she was a candidate for Riga City Council from Latvian Association of Regions/Latvijasattīstībai list.

The municipal administration stresses neither Zalpētere nor Rīgassatiksme delegated Burovs for the aforementioned post. Shares of the terminal are owned by Rīgassatiksme’s subsidiary Rīgasacs. The board of this company did not pick Burovs either.

“We believe subsidiaries should have united principles and pick candidates based on good management practices – by announcing selection processes even when the law does not demand it,” says Zalpētere’s representative GuntisKārkliņš. He stresses there are multiple private shareholders as well, and they can pick their own candidates. According to him, Zalpētere will ask Rīgassatiksme to explain the situation.

Rīgassatiksme representative ViktorsZaķis said neither his represented company nor Rīgasacs had delegated Burovs for the aforementioned post.

Burovs said Serdjukovs was the one who urged him for this post. The man is also a shareholder in the company. His candidacy was also discussed with board chairman Vaira Gromula. According to Burovs, he was picked for his experience in property management.

“They have a plan to build another section. Knowledge in real estate management will be useful in Rail Baltica, too. I don’t work there as a politician,”said Riga’s ex-mayor.

He has not discussed his post with anyone in the municipal administration. He says he doesn’t know what the results of the vote were.

Burovs had worked in the terminal’s council in the past – since 2009. In January 2019, however, he left this post because he became vice-mayor of Riga. The law did not allow him to combine posts. His declaration shows that in 2019 he was paid EUR 947 for his work in Riga International Bus Terminal, in 2018 he was paid EUR 17 803, in 2017 he was paid EUR 17 840 and in 2016 he was paid EUR 17 107.

Pic Credit: https://www.delfi.lv/temas/olegs-burovs/

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