Russia calls state of emergency after 210000-ton-fuel spill

Russia calls state of emergency after 210000-ton-fuel spill

Russian President Vladimir Putin has backed declaring a state of emergency over the spill of 210000 tonnes of diesel fuel in soil and in a river in the Arctic .

According to TASS, on Friday, May 29, more than 210,000 tonnes of fuel were spilled in total, polluting soil and water the Russian Arctic from a fuel tank in a power plant near the city of Norilsk.

The Guardian reports that during a video conference on Wednesday, June 3, that was broadcasted on television, Putin lambasted the head of the company NTEK, which owns the power plant. The Russian President asked, why the spill had been reported two days after it took place.

A criminal investigation has been launched.

Alexei Knizhnikov of the World Wildlife Fund in Russia commented that the environmental group was the one who alerted cleanup specialists after confirming the accident through its sources. “These are huge volumes and It was difficult for them to cover it up”, Knizhnikov said

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