schreibART AUSTRIA is going online

In 2012, the Federal Ministry for European and International Affairs launched a literature recommendation programme called schreibART AUSTRIA. This programme is now being continued with its third edition: 16 Austrian authors, who bring to life the quality and richness, but also the stylistic diversity of contemporary literary production in our country, are represented: Reinhard Kaiser-Mühlecker, Radek Knapp, Nicolaus Mahler, Birgit Birnbacher, Harald Darer, Paul Divjak, Laura Freudenthaler, Marie Gamillscheg, Semier Insayif, Barbi Marković, Lydia Mischkulnig, Teresa Präauer, Robert Prosser, Margit Schreiner, Andrea Winkler, Ivna Žic. They were selected by a jury consisting of Bernhard Fetz, Angelika Klammer, Evelyne Polt-Heinzl and Brigitte Schwens-Harrant.

schreibART AUSTRIA is a recommendation programme of the Foreign Ministry with the aim of making a new generation of authors from Austria accessible to a broad international audience. The recent publication, which can also be accessed on the BMEIA website, is available through the Austrian Cultural Forums and all Austrian representative authorities abroad. It contains biographies and bibliographies of the selected authors as well as reading samples. It is aimed at an international audience, literary agents, publishers and literary organisers abroad.

Accompanying this publication, videos were recorded in cooperation with the Austrian Literature Society (ÖGfL), which will be published in the coming weeks under the title schreibART ONLINE. Here, the 16 authors talk to Manfred Müller, a specialist in German studies and head of the ÖGfL, about their work and read short extracts from their current texts. Tina Feyrer took care of production, filming and editing. The videos will be available on all ÖGfL internet channels. From now on they will be distributed worldwide via the online services of the Foreign Ministry and its network of representatives as well as the Austrian Libraries.

The Austrian Literature Society has started publishing the videos on its website: It starts with Laura Freudenthaler, who was awarded the 3Sat Prize as part of the Bachmann Prize 2020, and Nicolas Mahler. Following in November will be Lydia Mischkulnig (18.11.) and Radek Knapp (25.11.).

Videos with authors of the second edition of schreibART AUSTRIA can already be streamed on this website. Since the beginning of the pandemic-related restrictions in the cultural sector, the Austrian Cultural Forums and representative authorities abroad have made these videos accessible via social media.

 With this initiative the Foreign Ministry wants to actively contribute to the international success of contemporary Austrian literature.

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