Sports events may be permitted under special conditions says Viņķele

Sports events may be permitted under special conditions says Viņķele

After the end of COVID-19 state of emergency in Latvia, certain sports events, education for adults and summer camps will be permitted under specific conditions, told by Healthcare Minister IlzeViņķele.

According to the minister, as of Wednesday, 10 June, once the state of emergency is over, life in Latvia will not be exactly the same as it was before. This is because multiple restrictions will remain in force. On top of that, it is expected some of them will remain at least until the end of the year. The requirement to maintain a 2 m distance from other people may be one of them.

Viņķele reminds that as of 10 June more people may be allowed to gather indoors and outdoors.

Sports events for up to 30 people, education for adults (up to 50 participants) and summer camps with hygiene requirements will be permitted. Up to eight people will be allowed to sit at a single table in restaurants and cafes as long as they maintain a distance.

The minister said the social distancing requirement no longer applies to people working at the same place. Nevertheless, employers have to provide a safe work environment, especially in places with large numbers of daily customers.

Latvia’s healthcare minister said COVID-19 infection dynamic in the country is slowly declining.

Viņķele stresses that around 40% of new COVID-19 cases are found for people who arrive in Latvia from abroad, which is a signal for people to be cautious with travel.

The politician hopes Latvia will not end up in another state of emergency any time soon.

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