The EU’s new strategy with Africa

The EU’s new strategy with Africa

On 08 October 2020, Danish Member of the European Parliament Peter Kofod of the Identity and Democracy Group raised a written parliamentary question to the European Commission. MEP Kofod asked the Commission “how long did it take DG DEVCO to draft the proposed new EU strategy with Africa?”

On 23 November, Commissioner Jutta Urpilainen, responsible for International Partnerships, responded on behalf of the European Commission. In her answer, she reported that “the Joint Communication ‘Towards a comprehensive strategy with Africa’, by the Commission and the High Representative of the Union, was drafted and adopted by the College of Commissioners within the first 100 days of the current Commission’s mandate”. She added that “since then, a consultation process with African partners has started to reach a joined-up approach ahead of the African Union-European Union Summit”.

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