UK trade talks with US begins on Tuesday

UK trade talks with US begins on Tuesday

The U.K. and U.S. will initiate talks on a free-trade agreement on Tuesday.
International Trade Secretary Liz Truss will hold an initial video call with the U.S. Trade representative Robert Lighthizer along with around 100 officials listening in from both sides.
Truss pledged to drive a “hard bargain” with Washington and insisted a trade deal was “essential’ to ease the economic burden of the coronavirus.
For the first round of talks it will take around two weeks to set, with further rounds of roughly around six weeks. Britain hopes to win lower good tariffs on its exports to the U.S. on the things like automobiles, ceramics, package materials and many other things.
Ministers hope negotiations with Washington will load pressure on the EU in the Brexit trade talks, where the two sides are at an impasse over key sticking points such as fisheries and level playing field rules to limit competition.
Truss said, “As we start off trade negotiations this week, we will drive a hard bargain that benefits every part of the U.K. and works for the small businesses who are suffering the most in this difficult time.”
Jeff Emerson, the spokesman for the U.S. trade representative, added, “I can confirm the talk starts on Tuesday by video-conference.”
The talks will be led by negotiator Oliver Griffiths and supervised by Chief Trade Negotiation Adviser Crawford Falconer on behalf of the U.K. The talks will be held remotely until travel becomes possible.

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