Until June’s end State financed COVID-19 tests available in Latvia

Until June’s end State financed COVID-19 tests available in Latvia

From 10th June all the way to the end of the month state-financed COVID-19 tests will remain available as long as there are no symptoms, as reported by Healthcare Ministry.

Previously it was necessary to sign up by phone 8303 (Central laboratory), 67334433 (E.Gulbis laboratory) on work days (08:00 – 20:00), on Saturdays (09:00 – 15:00) and Sundays (09:00 – 12:00) or 67000610 (RAKUS) on workdays 08:00 – 17:00.

According to the ministry, this decision was made so that it is possible to monitor the situation after the state of emergency and help reveal possible infections. If a person shows no signs of symptoms, it will be allowed to come to the testing points by bicycle, by foot or by public transport. Wearing a face mask is required.

If a person does show symptoms, however, the ministry recommends first contacting the family doctor, so that it is possible to receive a consultation on potential treatment and COVID-19 test.

The state will pay for COVID-19 related expenditures (patient transportation, hospitalization and treatment costs).

Situations when the state will pay for home visits of family doctors will be expanded.

«In practice, the option to provide remote consultations to patients during a state of emergency proved effective. This is why we have decided to continue. Doctors will be able to assess if remote consultation is possible or if it is necessary to assess the patient’s health in person. The patient will not have to pay for a remote consultation,» Healthcare Ministry notes.

On 9 June the government also clarified Cabinet of Ministers requirements that provide for a requirement for parents to secure permission from a family doctor so that their children can go to a summer camp. This permission needs to be issued no later than seven days before going to the summer camp. The family doctor will help assess the child’s health. It will not be necessary to send the child for COVID-19 test.

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