Žoržs Tikmers elected as president of Latvian Olympic Committee

Žoržs Tikmers elected as president of Latvian Olympic Committee

On Friday, 10 July, Latvian Olympic Committee elected its secretary general Žoržs Tikmers as the organization’s new president.

Previously Aldons Vrubļevskis was appointed as the head of the LOK General Assembly. He did not run candidate for the position in the organization.

Shortly before election of the president of LOK, Vrubļevskis urged members to vote for an open election procedure. Members supported this decision and shortly after that a vote was organized to elect the sole presidential candidate Tikmers.

Tikmers received 84 votes. One member abstained in the vote.

Shortly after that, Vrubļevskis urged members to vote in favour of an open voting procedure when deciding on candidates for the position of secretary general. This initiative was supported with 93 votes.

The sole secretary general Kārlis Lejnieks received 87 votes. One member abstained. Lejnieks thereby became the new secretary general of LOK.

Initially 73 of 80 registered members arrived for LOK General Assembly. Later on two more members joined the assembly. In order for LOK General Assembly to have voting rights, at least 41 members have to be present.

The General Assembly was opened by LOK press-secretary Mārtiņš Mālmeisters with a read of a speech from Latvian President Egils Levits. Education and Science Minister Ilga Šuplinska also supported LOK, urging the next president of the organization to maintain more active communication with the ministry.

The General Assembly officially commenced with a report from the previous president of the organization Aldonis Vrubļevskis. He presented accomplishments of the past four years and wished the best for the new LOK team. Vrubļevskis plans to remain part of Latvia’s sports through Latvian Cycling Federation (LRF), providing support for international projects.

Only one candidate was proposed for the post of president of LOK – LOK Secretary General Tikmers. There was also only one candidate for the position of secretary general – LOK Executive Committee member and secretary general to Latvian Tennis Association Kārlis Lejnieks.

After consulting with the Disease Prevention and Monitoring Centre (SPKC), it was decided to enhance epidemiological safety measures for all participants of the LOK General Assembly.

Persons who had been to Latvian Football Federation (LFF) congress at Elektrum Olympic Centre at the beginning of 3 July were to undergo COVID-19 tests two days prior to the General Assembly. Only if tests turned out negative were members allowed to attend the General Assembly session.

All LOK General Assembly members were supposed to fill in a special COVID-19 form. Members had their body temperature measured and had to maintain a safe 2 m distance and use disinfectants and personal protection gear.

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